Residential Window Door Replacement

Whether you are building a new room onto your home, updating an existing room, or replacing damaged components, Classic Construction Company has the experience to handle your residential window and door replacement and installation needs.

Updating residential windows and doors can be a great way to add value to your home, both practically and aesthetically. Updated windows and doors can heighten the energy efficiency of your home, decreasing utility bills, increasing insulation, and upping the resell value of your home.

Beautiful specialty windows and doors are also a great addition to your home. Create a cozy breakfast nook with a gorgeous bay window, or enjoy the view through your oversized windows or French doors. Let the natural light shine into your home with these great features. Privacy an issue? Try frosted or stained glass doors, keeping a high end look, without compromising the safety or privacy of your home. Install sliding doors to increase the accessibility of your deck or patio, as well as creating a splendid view of your property, or an easy way to keep an eye on the kids in the yard. Update interior doors to high quality materials, or to change the overall look and feel of your space. The options are endless.

We work with you to assess and plan which residential door and window replacement options are best for you and your needs. We secure all building permits, provide and provision utilities, manage personnel on-site and operate safely and efficiently. We will absolutely monitor scheduling and cash-flows and provide you with detailed project reporting and communication every step of the way.

Classic Construction Company, Inc. professionals have the expertise, training, and equipment required to get you the best residential window and door replacements for your home. The first step to any residential window or door replacement is just a telephone call (304) 522-1016, and in Kentucky call (606) 329-0007, or a click away.