Residential Room Additions

Expecting new additions to the family? Need some extra space for a guest room, office, fitness room, den, or just a little extra elbow room? The qualified experts at Classic Construction Company are here for all of your residential room addition needs for your Huntington WV home.

As a full-service, insured and experienced general construction company in Huntington WV, you can count on Classic Construction Company, Inc. to offer expert residential services and results every step of the way. From large residential projects to smaller residential additions, we provide outstanding commitment and results in the construction arena. From architectural services, to building plans, renovations, remodels, and more, Classic Construction Company can meet all of your residential room addition needs.

We work with you to assess, plan, and engineer the residential room addition project. We secure all building permits, provide and provision utilities, manage personnel on-site and operate safely and efficiently. We will absolutely monitor scheduling and cash-flows and provide you with detailed project reporting and communication every step of the way.

With Classic Construction Company, there’s no need to sell out the family home or go through the hassle of moving due to space constrictions. Stay in the comfort of your home, and expand out with new bedrooms, bathrooms, extended kitchen space, or whatever your family needs! Enjoy the extra living space without the inconvenience and expense of selling, buying, and moving to new property.

Classic Construction Company, Inc. professionals have the expertise, training, and equipment required to get you the extra space you need in your home. The first step to any residential room addition is just a telephone call (304) 522-1016, and in Kentucky call (606) 329-0007, or a click away.