Residential Pack Out to Secured Storage

You’ll never realize how much “stuff” you’ve accumulated until you’ve been through a fire, smoke, or water damage event. As part of our comprehensive residential service at Classic Construction Company, Inc., we provide you with secure, climate-controlled, and efficient storage of your contents while your home is being repaired.

We have years of experience and provide you with a complete inventory of all of your contents before anything is moved off-site. You can be assured that your contents are going to be treated with the utmost respect and care while they are under our watch.

The team at Classic Construction Company will not only move your possessions to storage. We will create a detailed inventory to help ensure the safe transportation, necessary cleaning or sanitizing, storage, and restoration of your possessions. This will not only aid in smoothing the transitional process, but may also be a useful in recording and filing insurance claims on damaged and/or salvageable property.

You’ve already experienced enough stress and headache during your residential fire, smoke, or water damage event. With Classic Construction Company’s packing and storage services, you can rest easy knowing that your items will be recovered, packed, transported, and stored as safely and efficiently as possible. You’ve got a lot on your mind—we’ll help you take a load off.