Insurance Companies

As a homeowner or a business owner, you’ve been paying your insurance company, most likely, for many years. When tragedy strikes, you need them to come through for you. For nearly 30 years we’ve been working alongside insurance companies in Huntington WV and surrounding areas to not only provide you with excellent service, but also to act as a conduit between the parties to make sure everything runs smoothly.

Insurance companies have come to trust the professionals at Classic Construction Company when it comes to responsive, effective, and efficient service in the areas of fire, smoke, and water damage in Huntington WV and surrounding areas. Many times, we accompany your agent or claims adjuster to the site to assess the damage and provide an estimate for repair.

The experts at Classic Construction Company will help you know what to do next when disasters or damage strike your home. We will walk alongside you in dealing with the insurance company, and help ensure that your estimates and repairs are handled with professionalism and efficiency.

You should know that, by law, it is your choice who you choose to perform your repairs. No insurance company can force you to you choose one group over another. We hope you choose the professionals at Classic Construction Company.