Generac Residential Solutions

Powerful Solutions for Your Home

When you buy Generac, what you’re really getting is power. To protect your home and family. To do DIY projects. To have fun at home or on the road. And to clean everything up afterward. Learn more about all the powerful solutions Generac has for you to use around your home.

Home Backup Power

Your family’s comfort and safety is Generac’s number one priority. That’s why our home standby generators sense outages and turn themselves on within seconds when there’s a utility power outage.


Portable & Recreational Power

A welcome addition to many activities at home, portable generators can provide critical backup power in an emergency. They make camping and tailgating more comfortable. And they can power even the most remote DIY project.


Power to Clean™

Generac pressure washers give you the power to clean everything around the house—from patio furniture to vehicles to concrete and exterior walls.