Commercial Painting

Our team of experienced professional painters is known for their attention to detail. Not only do they not “miss a spot”, they make sure that everything is completely cleaned and prepped long before any coat of paint hits the wall. A devastating fire or water experience takes true professionals to rehabilitate it.

You can trust that the team at Classic Construction Company, Inc. will complete the job in a fashion that you will be absolutely pleased with.

Other fire, smoke and water damage “specialists” perform their work quickly by covering up their lack of professionalism with a coat of paint. NOT AT CLASSIC CONSTRUCTION COMPANY! We are meticulous and completely dedicated to the painting of your commercial establishment or business. We know that it is the last thing that you will see and it needs to last. We are incredibly concerned with the quality of our efforts and it shows in our work.

Our team is dedicated to great quality painting services, and thorough follow up cleaning to make sure your commercial establishment or business is in great condition when we leave it. We guarantee that your painting project will be completed with professionalism and quality in a timely and cost efficient manner. Whether the commercial project is big or small, the experts at Classic Construction Company are up to the task.

Our team also performs commercial painting services for those that have not been involved in damage. We have the process refined to a science that allows us to complete your commercial painting project with incredible efficiency.