Commercial Roofing

A faulty commercial roof is a faulty commercial structure. The damage that can result from a leaky commercial roof is incredible and the last thing that any business owner wants to go through. Our professional teams of contractors includes commercial roofing specialists that can diagnose and repair roofs quickly, and within a budget.

Quality commercial roofing is essential to protecting your commercial establishment or business from further damage by water, wind, and other elements. It is not uncommon for commercial roofs to sustain damage during natural events such as severe weather, in addition to structurally damaging events like fires or water damage. The team at Classic Construction Company is qualified to assess, repair, and restore your commercial roofing situation at your commercial establishment or business or office so you can rest easy about the integrity of your roof and structure.

At Classic Construction Company, Inc. we have partnered with a number of top of the line commercial roofing materials suppliers to give you a multitude of professional and affordable roofing material options and styles. We will meet with you to discuss your needs and your timeframe, and provide you with service that you’ll be absolutely pleased with.

We are dedicated to the highest quality in commercial roofing and roofing repair, and our expert team can help you decide what commercial roofing solution is best for you and your business or commercial structure. Whether it involves new construction, repair, renovations, or additions, we can help make your commercial roofing project a success.

Classic Construction Company, Inc. professionals have the expertise, training, and equipment required to get you the best commercial roofing services for your commercial establishment or business. The first step to any commercial roofing service, maintenance, or repair is just a telephone call (304) 522-1016, and in Kentucky call (606) 329-0007, or a click away.

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