Commercial Electrical

The electrical system throughout your business or commercial establishment is the nerve center of the structure. Without it, you are without the ability to function. When you engage a contractor for electrical issues, you need to be certain that your choice of contractor is licensed, insured, and experienced.

The team at Classic Construction Company, Inc. is all of those things and more. We are safe. We understand that the electrical system in your commercial establishment or business MUST be properly installed and functional to be safe. You can rest easy knowing that our team consists of certified electricians that take safety as a priority.

When you face the tragedy and challenge that fire and water damage bring with them, the electrical system is almost always a priority. At Classic Construction Company, Inc., we secure and stabilize the commercial electrical system so that it can be rehabilitated and repaired. We inspect every square inch of your commercial system for damage that may not be evident, and repair everything along the way.

Whether your minor electrical fixes, or total rewiring or your commercial establishment or business, the trained professionals at Classic Construction Company are qualified to finish the job safely and efficiently. Our services include:

  • Electrical Remodeling
  • Electrical Rewiring
  • Fuse Box Upgrades
  • Replacement & Installation of Switches or Outlets
  • Electrical Safety Services
  • Electrical Panel Upgrades
  • Indoor & Outdoor Lighting Installation
  • Surge Protection
  • Electrical Troubleshooting
  • Breaker Panel Service & Repair
  • Ceiling Fan & Lighting Fixture Installation & Repair
  • And More!

There is no commercial electrical service too big or too small for Classic Construction Company. We appreciate your confidence in Classic Construction Company, Inc. and look forward to the opportunity to work with you. Call us today to get your commercial electrical installation, repair, or maintenance underway!